. BACK IN THE 5IFTIES when Rock'n'Roll exploded around the world, a bunch of youngsters formed a band to play this new music. The THUNDERBIRDS were one of the first and became the biggest of the early Australian bands, with fans all over the country, due to their hit records, television appearances and shows at the largest venues in the land, playing their instrumentals and accompanying all the major stars from Johnny O'Keefe to Roy Orbison. Reuniting in 1996 for a "one-off show" before an enthusiastic audience of 2000, they decided to keep going and today are playing better than ever.

To attend a THUNDERBIRDS SHOW is to experience a glimpse of a world in which Rock was young, performed by the genuine, original artists in an authentic style so hard to capture by those who were not actually there.

A recently recorded album entitled "THE THUNDERBIRDS" has been released on Canetoad Records (CD-017) with 16 new tracks and 1 bonus track recorded in 1958 with exactly the SAME personnel of Laurie Bell - Guitar, Murray Robertson -Piano, Peter Robinson -Bass & Harold Frith - Drums. Clips of songs from this album can be found on the MP3 Page along with links to full versions of the songs available for download

Some tracks on this album feature the THUNDERBRASS, an exciting new horn section who help give THE THUNDERBIRDS an even bigger sound to their original, swinging brand of Rock'n'Roll.


  • 1957 Played 1st dance 29th August - Ascot Vale
  • 1958 1st recording "Bell Boogie" AWA Melbourne - unreleased until 1998
  • 1959 Appeared with Johnny O'Keefe - Maison Deluxe, Elwood
  • 1960 Recorded "Peter Gunn" for Festival Records 1999 Sydney
  • 1961-64 Recorded hit records for W & G Melbourne
  • 1961 "Wild Weekend/Ratrace" released on `Oriole' label in UK
  • 1961 Toured with Cliff Richard & The Shadows
  • 1961 Toured with Roy Orbison, Dion, Ray Peterson & Jack Scott
  • 1962 National TV - "IMT" with Graham Kennedy & "Bandstand"
  • 1963 "Wild Weekend" hits the USA charts in Cashbox Magazine
  • 1983 Reunion at Arcadia Ballroom, Thornbury
  • 1983 National TV - "The Don Lane Show" with John Denver & Gene Pitney
  • 1983 Featured in Rock'n'Roll exhibition - Performing Arts Museum, Melbourne
  • 1989 W & G instrumentals re-issued on Canetoad Records, Sydney
  • 1994 Featured in "Real Wild Child" - Australian Rock Music, Then & Now - Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
  • 1996-97 "Real Wild Child" National Tour - Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane & Newcastle. Featured in "Real Wild Child" - CD ROM.
  • 1996 Reunion shows around Melbourne
  • 1997 Recorded New Album in original style
  • 1997 Listed 2nd (after Johnny O'Keefe) in "Rolling Stone" magazine's 100 Greatest Australian Albums of all time
  • 1998 Released New Album on Canetoad Records - broke attendance records at CD launches - international reviews England, France & Canada
  • 1998 Massive media coverage (National TV, Herald Sun, Age, local & street press) for 41 st anniversary of 1 st ever appearance 29th August, Preston Town Hall
  • 1998 Introduce "Thunderbrass", young, new horn section for special events
  • 1999 Featured in ABC's "History of Australian Rock'n'Roll".